The Toy Story 2 Interviews!!!!!! :D


I found it!

If you are slightly confused… a while ago some of us gals got to talking about how back in the days of TS2, Pixar released some interviews with the toys themselves. They were short, cute little interviews.

I got bored today and decided to try and find it using the Internet Wayback Machine… again. In a nutshell there is a website called that has copies of websites from waaaay back. I punched in and started surfing around.

I clicked on a random link and got taken to the site! At first I thought it was a dead end, but when I clicked on the “Cast” link I was surprised!

You can see the site for yourself right here: Toy Story

All you have to do is click on “The Cast”, then click on whatever character you wish and you’ll see something called “Exclusive Interview With _______”, all you have to do is click!

I have links for most of the interviews since some of them aren’t popping up right.


Character Interviews:


Buzz Lightyear

Mr. Potato Head <—- Doesn’t want to work





Bo Peep



Mrs. Potato Head <—- Doesn’t want to work either. D:


Bullseye <—- None for Bullseye too. :(

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    Guys! These are awesome! Go to the website!
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    Of course. And Buzz is pretty damn sassy in his.
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