Jessie concept art from Toy Story 2.

I love her final design, it’s hard to imagine her looking differently than she looks now.  But I would love to see her in that little red western skirt.  :)  And I think if she had turned out like the angry one in the red shirt, she would most likely not be my favorite character.  :P

Or maybe a shorter version of that dress! Up to the knees maybe. :O

I’m happy that they made her a redhead with long hair! It fits her very well.

Also, the face sketches! <333  

And I second karma there. I’m so glad that she ended up looking the way she does. One braid, jeans, red hat, the shirt, the chaps, red hair.

I can’t help but wonder what would she be like had the final design included the skirt, or the short hair or the blonde hair, or the red shirt. Would she be the same Jessie? Oh what ifs.

Skirted Jessie would be interesting because I can see her hiking that up when she needs to get stuff done. At least with the Jessie we know now. Though she seems fine with one in HV.

I don’t think she’d mind wearing a skirt or dress on occasion - so long as it was in her cowgirl style, and not all frilly and fussy.  (The Hawaiian dress is simple - so she was most likely fine with that.)  She’s feminine in her own way - just not girly.  But that doesn’t mean the skirt wouldn’t annoy her after a while and she’d just want her jeans back.  ;) 

Well said. 

I’d imagine that she tossed the Hawaiian dress off in the most undignified manner possible, and then took a ride on Bullseye, because I can’t imagine that she’d be able to ride him easily. 

She’d be fine until she had to do something athletic - and she’d have no patience with riding sidesaddle. ;)

I can’t imagine I would either. It seems so illogical and unsafe. 

Even Mulan and Merida seem to ride normal and they wear dresses. 

Can you imagine Buzz offering to help her onto Bullseye while she’s in the dress or even to scale a bed, and she just is like, “Whatever.” The dress goes flying and Buzz just like… watches as she does whatever. Wingpop, y/y?


Getting a free upskirt? Buzz’s wings would so pop! They would pop pretty hard.

After hearing the pop, Jessie will look back and smile while Buzz fumbles to retract his wings. She’ll giggle and then say “See somethin’ ya like, Ranger?” ;)

Yes. XD

And Jessie totally giving Buzz free upskirts. Hehe. And Buzz would be like, “Yes, I liked that.” And then she would take the dress and just kinda do a striptease with it, hoping that it entices him to the point that he just pounces on her. 

And I wonder if toys like Jessie that have clothes on them that cannot be taken off treat adding a dress like Jessie does in HV like it’s their clothes so that when they take it off, they kinda feel naked for a bit, as they transition back into treating their regular clothes like clothes? Or would they not have such concepts? 

Buzz might be shy about it first like he was right before he danced with Jessie at the end of TS3. :P

I can see Jessie doing that! Yeah, her clothes are pretty much her “naked”, but she won’t let that stop her! Buzz’s wings will pop out because she is going with it (;)) and she’ll be moving those hips of hers in a very seductive way. He’ll enjoy himself. I just know it! XD

I don’t think the toys feel naked, but I think they might still go somewhere private to take them off and put them on. Then again they might not care at all. We might not know unless Pixar adds a joke about it in a new short. :o

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